15 Best Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Baby


Best Christmas Traditions to Start for Baby’s First Christmas


If you’re like me, the first winter chill will send you spiraling into a holiday frenzy. I am legit obsessed with the holidays and I am shamelessly proud of it. Today, we are going to talk about how to take your holiday spirit to the next level by starting the best Christmas Traditions with your baby!


The decor, the lights, the terribly good Hallmark movies, the socially acceptable act of eating until your parents no longer fit. All of it is so magical.


Since you’ve stumbled upon this post, I am guessing you’re probably pretty enthusiastic about the holidays yourself, which makes you a delightful person. You probably also have a baby which is totally awesome!


Congrats on bringing a tiny human into the world! 


Apart from the festivities, I love the holidays so much because I actually get to spend quality time with my family (surrounded by Christmas lights and fresh-baked cookies). 


That’s why when the holidays roll around, I try to make the most of it, doing everything I can to ensure the season is magical and exciting for the people that I love.



Me, to anyone who’s being a Grinch.


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There are so many fun traditions you can start this holiday season while adding your own twist to the traditions. 


Ugly Christmas sweaters? Matching pajamas? Going caroling as a family? Totally up to you! Make it your own and have fun! 


The holidays are also so much more exciting if you’re a new parent, because what’s better than celebrating Christman with a baby.


Literally nothing.


Nothing is better than celebrating Christmas with a tiny human, which is why it’s super fun to start some unique Christmas traditions with your baby which will create lasting, fond memories for your entire family! 


What are some good Christmas traditions you can start with a baby, you ask?


Let’s jump right in, shall we?


15 Memorable Christmas Traditions To Start With Your Baby


Christmas Tradition 1: New Christmas Book


I love, love, love this tradition! There so many great Christmas books you can get for your little one, right from infancy and you can keep this tradition going forever! 


Getting Christmas books for your baby is such a sweet, thoughtful tradition because you can spend time reading the books together, year after year. Just thinking about this is making me ugly cry.


Just imagine curling on together, on a chilly night and reading Christmas books with your baby. You could get a personalized Christmas book just something unique that you love. 


The Night Before Christmas is a classic and a great addition to your Christmas book collection.


Alternatively, this Christmas Songs Sound Book is a great option for little ones as it will surely amuse and captive your baby with 10 delightful Christmas carols, including Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells, and Santa Claus is coming to town!


Christmas Songs children's musical book for starting new Christmas Traditions

Click to Purchase Christmas Songs Interactive Sound Book


Gifting your child with a new Christmas book every holiday season is a lovely tradition that you can continue as your child grows.


Reading together and learning together, especially during Christmas, will create a close and memorable bond between you and your child, which will become a fond and touching occasion for your family. 



Christmas Tradition 2: New Christmas Ornament


I think this is the cutest Christmas tradition ever!


I love picking out a new ornament for our tree every year. Every time, I open up my Christmas box, I see the ornament from the previous years and I am instantly taken back to wonderful memories of past Christmases.


This is such a sweet, fun and nostalgic tradition. 


I try to get a personalized every year, which I usually find at our local mall. There are also some really lovely options on Etsy.


You can get an ornament that reflects where you are at in life right now.


For example, you can get an ornament such as this Keepsake Handprint Ornament to make your baby’s first Christmas.


Two Keepsake Ornaments made of clay with baby hand prints with Alex 2019 engraved onto the ornament

Click to Purchase Baby Hand & Footprint Keepsake Ornament


As your child gets older, they might be excited about getting ornaments that reflect their interests or hobbies such as a sport or an instrument. 

Keepsake ornament of a white horse with Baby's First Christmas 2019 written on the ornament for Christmas Traditions

How cute is this? Click to Purchase Hallmark Keepsake Ornament


Adding a new Christmas ornament to your tree every year is such a sweet and exciting tradition that is sure to create cherished moments and a special connection to each ornament you accumulate over the years.


3. Christmas Tradition 3: Visit Santa


Obviously there is no way that I would forget about a visit with the jolly old man himself.


Be warned, there might be a bit of crying but it will only last a second and you will be rewarded with an amazing picture that will last a lifetime! 


We have one of Leo from his first visit with Santa and it’s pure gold.


I look back on it every Christmas and giggle. That photo is easily one of my favorites.


I cannot wait to show Leo this picture when he is older and reminiscence over such a fun memory. 


Eventually, your child will probably look forward to having a chat with Santa and asking for Christmas presents.


This is definitely a tradition you can continue for a good while.


Honestly, I wish I was still allowed to sit on Santa’s lap and ask him directly for a few things on my wish list.


I don’t ask for much, just some coffee and ten million dollars.


I have tried sending my message to his workshop directly, but I’m not sure why nobody in the North Pole has received my memo yet. *Shrugs* 



Christmas Tradition 4: Make Christmas Cards


I love sending out and receiving holiday cards. The exchange of holiday cards is a sentimental and thoughtful gesture to friends and family, in our otherwise very busy lives. 


I love seeing how much my nieces and nephews have grown and I love hearing about what everyone’s been up to during the year. 


Bonus, you get to show off some pictures from the six hundred thousand pictures you’ve taken of your baby! 


You can have a new theme every year. We did a matching pajama holiday card for Leo’s first Christmas and we did a formal, fancy holiday card for his second Christmas. 


This tradition is so much fun while also being timeless and sentimental. Get creative and have fun! 



Christmas Tradition 5: Christmas Day Picture


Capturing a candid photo Christmas morning is so special! Nothing fancy. Before everyone looks prim and proper.


The idea is to capture everyone simply enjoying themselves in the moment. That’s what the season is about, right? 


I just love this tradition because it is so wholesome and completely unique to your family.


Whether your family is hanging out in bed on Christmas morning or eating pancakes in your pajamas, these moments are perfect exactly as they are. 


Now that is worth capturing.  



Christmas Tradition 6: Make a Christmas Eve Box


This is a newish tradition that people are really catching onto, including myself.


The Christmas Eve Box is just another little way to add a little bit of Christmas magic to the season. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. 


You simply get a cute box Personalized Christmas Eve Box and fill it up with goodies while your child awaits Santa’s arrival.


Olivia's Christmas Eve Box surrounded by Christmas ornaments and decorations as Christmas Traditions present

Click to Purchase Personalized Christmas Eve Box


Some Christmas Eve Box ideas are:


  • New Christmas Pajamas
  • Hot chocolate and marshmallows
  • Small cup or mug to enjoy said hot chocolate and marshmallows 
  • “Reindeer food” to sprinkle on your lawn or balcony
  • A movie that you can all watch together
  • A board game you can play together
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste to make bedtime more fun
  • Bubble bath to relax before the Big Day
  • Coloring book with crayons to keep little hands busy and away from the presents


If you’re looking for a full tutorial on how to make the best Christmas Eve Box ever, check out my post on how to make an epic Christmas Eve Box!



Christmas Tradition 7: Stockings and Stocking Stuffers


It’s never too early to get your baby a stocking! If you are creative, you can make your own which would be so thoughtful and lovely.


If you’re like me and don’t have a crafty bone in your body, you can get an adorable personalized stocking, like this gorgeous Personalized Faur Fur Stocking for your baby and fill it up with things your baby will actually use. 


Three fur stockings hung on a mantle as a gift for Christmas Traditions

Click to Purchase Personalized Faux Fur Stocking on Etsy


Some stocking stuffer ideas for baby’s first Christmas are:


  • Sippy Cup
  • Spoon and Fork Set
  • Snack Cup
  • Teething Snacks
  • Socks
  • Winter Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Booties
  • Moccasins
  • Bandana Bins
  • Hair Bows
  • Mittens
  • Loveys 
  • Pacifiers
  • Bubble Bath
  • Hairbrush
  • Toothbrush
  • Board Books
  • Finger Paint 
  • Stroller Toys
  • Bath Toys


If you’re looking for useful and thoughtful things to put in your baby’s stocking (that won’t end up in the junk drawer), check out my post on Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas!



Christmas Traditions 8: Plan a Christmas Outing


There are so many different places to go and things to see during the holiday season.


The possibilities are endless! Whether visiting a Christmas tree farm or attending a Santa Clause parade, your little one will love taking in all of the Christmas magic. 


You can visit the same places every year as part of your Christmas tradition, which makes it all the more fun!


Be sure to check out all the local events happening in your area and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!




Christmas Tradition 9: See Christmas Lights


Your baby will be in complete awe of seeing beautiful Christmas lights! You don’t even have to go far.


Simply put your baby in the stroller and walk around your neighborhood or the local mall, and watch your baby’s eyes light up when she sees all the magical, twinkling lights. 


You can also attend a tree lighting ceremony, which will totally delight and amuse your baby (and you)!


The best part is that this is a tradition you can continue as your child gets older. After all, who can resist a magical Christmas light display?



Christmas Tradition 10: New Christmas Pajamas


This tradition is a no-brainer because all babies look completely adorable in holiday-themed clothes. Period.


You can up your holiday game by getting matching pajamas for the entire family.


This is one of our must-do traditions for Christmas. Everyone gets a pair of matching pajamas for Christmas in our house. No exceptions. 


If you have pets, try to get a matching pair for your little furbabies too! So. Much. Cuteness. 


I love this Simple Joys By Carter’s Set! 


This set is so cute and comes in different patterns and colors. You could even include these pajamas in your baby’s Christmas Eve Box so they can wear it to bed on the night before Christmas! Adorbs! 


Girl's Holiday Pajama Set in pink and red stripes as a gift for Christmas Traditions

Click to Purchase Christmas Pajamas



Christmas Tradition 11: Make a Time Capsule


This is super cute because once your child is older, they can open this capsule and look back on their precious milestones and the things they did. 


You can make the capsule out of a box, a jar or even a scrapbook and add anything and everything that is memorable and special to you.


Your baby’s first Christmas is a great time to start this capsule and you can continue adding to it every year.


You can write down little messages or have pictures of their achievements and milestones such as their first word or first steps. 


You can open it together on Christmas once they turn 18 or open it every year to take a trip down memory lane.


This is such a unique and memorable tradition that your family will always cherish and enjoy! 


Christmas Tradition 12: Make a Photo Album


As the year comes to a close, Christmas is the perfect time to sift through your camera reel and make a photo album of all the wonderful moments you captured throughout the year.


This photo album can become a coffee table book or a conversation piece during holiday parties for your guests.


This tradition gives you the perfect excuse to show off your baby’s adorable pictures.


It’s so much fun to go through actual, hardcopy photo albums, which we don’t do anymore because of our smartphones!


I am a huge fan of actual photo albums. There is something so sweet about going through pictures together while sharing stories and laughs. 


Just thinking about cuddling with Leo and looking at his baby pictures is giving me all the feels!


Brb, going to make my own photobook right now!



Christmas Tradition 13: Write a Letter To Your Baby


What better time to write a letter to your baby than during the holidays? Although your little one can’t read yet, this will be a tradition that your baby will cherish forever. 


In the letter, you can talk about how much you love your baby and how happy you are to be spending Christmas together.


You can even mention all the things you’ve done with your baby throughout the year and the holiday season.


You can also thank your baby for giving you the best gift of all, their presence!


This is such a thoughtful tradition that you can continue every year. I’m getting all sappy just thinking about it!



Christmas Tradition 14. Start your own Christmas Traditions


This last one seems obvious but sometimes we get so caught up in what others are doing that we forget about what makes us happy and unique. 


Your family Christmas tradition can be anything that makes your family happy and brings you all closer.


Some family Christmas traditions you can start are:

  • Baking Christmas cookies
  • Making a special Christmas day breakfast
  • Making a special Christmas Eve dinner
  • Watching a Christmas movie together while enjoying hot cocoa
  • Opening a gift on Christmas Eve
  • Reading the same Christmas Book every year on Christmas Eve


Start a tradition that is special to your family. This way, you will always have a wonderful, sentimental tradition that is unique to your loved ones and one that will be cherished for a lifetime. 


The best tradition is one that you enjoy with your family the most! 


If you’re looking for the BEST Christmas Traditions to start with your family, check out my post on 25 Most Memorable Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Family!




Final Thoughts on Christmas Traditions for Baby’s First Christmas


No matter what traditions you choose to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas, the entire season will be magical!


Your baby will adore any tradition you start on their first Christmas it is so thoughtful of you to celebrate these precious moments with your baby! 


The fact that you’re even searching for the best Christmas tradition for your baby is so sweet. 


I’m so excited for you to celebrate your baby’s first Christmas and to start meaningful traditions with your baby!


I would love to know what tradition you plan on starting for your baby’s First Christmas.


Do you have any special family Christmas traditions? 


Make sure to comment below as I love to hear about how YOU spend the holidays and what special things you do to make your holiday season magical.  




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15 Best Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Baby

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