101 Useful Stocking Stuffers for Baby’s First Christmas


Best Stocking Stuffers for Baby’s First Christmas


When Leo was little I always struggled with his stocking stuffers because what do you even put in a stocking stuffer for a baby?


Once I broke it down, I realized that there are so many useful stocking stuffer gifts for your baby for Christmas 2019 and you’re definitely going to find things on this list that are totally practical and thoughtful!





There are a lot of reasons to be excited for Christmas. The food, the lights, the coming together of loved ones, the tree and of course the magic of waking up on Christmas morning to discover what goodies Santa brought you in the night! There is something extra fun about stocking stuffers, especially if you’re the one adding trinkets and treats to your little one’s stocking!


I’m a sucker for over-the-top holiday shenanigans (much to my husband’s dislike). Can you blame me, though? 



Christmas accents such as pine cones and boxes wrapped in twine

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I’m a firm believer that most of life’s daily struggles can be solved with a solid list. There is something so satisfying and rewarding about writing something down and sticking to it. 


You know what you want and you don’t compromise.  You are a savvy, strategic and focused shopper. Adorable holiday knick-knacks have nothing on you!


This is why I’m giving you a list today. Not just any list. A useful, practical, fun and fabulous list that will delight both you and your baby!


I went completely overboard for Leo’s first Christmas. As a new mom with Amazon prime, I went a little Ariana Grande in “Seven Rings”.



Someone change my Amazon login.


Like anyone with a Prime account and zero self-control, I have regrets. Leo didn’t use half the stuff I bought for him and I promised myself that I would do better. So I made a list of practical and fun stocking stuffers.


These lists become a game-changer for me! Now, I only buy exactly what I need for the upcoming year and Leo gets a full stocking on Christmas morning! Mom-win! 



These are the items that Leo and my friend’s children have loved. This list is perfect for babies and even young toddlers.


Instead of blindly shopping for random trinkets and baubles, or ~shudders~ junk from the Dollar Store, which will be forgotten about in less than thirty seconds, fill your little one’s stockings with things they will love and actually use! 



100 Useful Stocking Stuffers for Baby’s First Christmas



101 Useful Stocking Stuffers for Baby’s First Christmas




Stocking Stuffers for Feeding


Two munchkin baby cups and three baby spoons on top of a wooden table surrounded by Christmas decorations



1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Best Cups: Munchkin Miracle Cup 



We have a lot of kid-friendly cups. Too many cups, honestly. However, I like to switch out different cups for different occasions.


A new cup is probably the one item that I consistently put in Leo’s stocking every year because I know for sure that he will use it.


My absolutely favorite cups for teaching littles one how to drink are the Munchkin miracle cups


Seriously, these cups are truly miraculous. They teach your baby how to transition from bottle to cup very quickly and easily. Even Beyonce uses them! 


I also highly recommend the Munchkin weighted straw cup, which allows your baby to hold the cup at any angle, while still being able to reach the drink.


We have been using both of these Munchkin cups since Leo started drinking water at 6 months old and I cannot recommend them enough to new moms! 




2. Baby Training Spoons: Olababy Training Spoons


These Olababy Training Spoons are genius! They are soft and flexible enough for your baby to hold and chew without getting hurt. These spoons are perfect for a new baby still trying to master his or her pincer grasp because of its thick handle.


The flexible tip means that your baby can easily scoop the food onto the spoon and actually keep the food on the spoon, which is a big deal. This spoon also doubles as a teether. Simply keep it in the freezer and let your baby gnaw away!




3. Strong Suction Bowls: Babie B Suction Bowls with Seal-Easy Lids


You can’t go wrong with a set of suction baby bowls that actually have strong suction. I was so excited for Leo to start eating but I completely underestimated the amount of food that would end up on the floor.


These bowls are essential for when your baby is ready to start eating. This bowl set is perfect because it includes lids so you can store your baby’s leftovers or use these bowls as snack containers when you’re on the go. 




4. Silicone Bibs: Happy Healthy Parent Silicone Baby Bibs


These are the Silicone Bibs you will need for your baby’s journey into solids. We still use these bibs almost 2.5 years later. They are sturdy and oh so easy to clean. They also catch all of the food so your’s baby’s outfit can stay clean and on point!


We even throw these bibs in the dishwasher and they have held up remarkably well. Fantastic product!




5. Snack CupsMunchkin Snack Catcher


Leo is almost three years old and we still use his Munchkin snack cups almost every day. He still loves toting it around and I still love the fact that I don’t have to clean up cereal that’s flown everywhere. We don’t go anywhere without this thing. It’s very important in our household. 




6. Food Feeder Pacifier: Ashtonbee Baby Food Feeder


I have A LOT of love for these fruit feeders. This is probably one of my favorite baby products of all time.


I cannot emphasize how much use we got out of this product. Whenever when Leo was teething (which all the time, btw), I would fill this bad boy up with fruit, fruit puree, straight up breastmilk and let him go to town.


Leo also loved exploring new flavors with this fruit feeder and it helped relieve his sore gums. I could put pretty much any food inside and he would try it.


These are also a perfect way to introduce new solids to your baby to see how he or she will react.


Honestly, whoever invented these should win some sort of innovation award because are a game-changer!




7. Fruitsicle Tray: Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Popsicle Tray


Teething baby? This popsicle tray is just what the doctor ordered. You can milksickles out of breastmilk or you can make your own popsicles out of baby puree. Genius!


When I want Leo to get a bit of extra fat, I make him greek yogurt fruit pops. When he’s not feeling well, I make him some vitamin C popsicles. The possibilities are endless. This is one product that you will keep coming back to.




8. Munchie Mug: Munchie Mug Snack Cup


Parents rave about this snack cup because it keeps snacks in and spills out! This is a great snack cup because it gives your baby the ability to hold the cup like a big person without making a huge mess. I consider that a win. 




9. Fork and Spoon Set: Munchkin 6 Piece Fork and Spoon Set


This fork and spoon set is perfect for beginners learning how to self-feed. This set has thick handles so it’s easy for your baby to grasp and the scoop is wide enough to retain purees.


The forks are also a bit pointier so your baby will be able to pinch solids with ease. This is a great little set that will help your baby conquer self-feeding. 





10. Silicone Placemat: OSHO The Original All-in-One Non-Slip Silicone Plate Placemats


We have several of these durable, easy to clean silicone placemats. These mats are perfect for sparking your baby’s imagination while making mealtime more fun! I especially love the whimsical design of this math with the sun and clouds. Simply adorable. 





11. Snack Jar: BlenderBottle GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars


This snack jar is a diaper bag necessity. When the snack attack hits (and it does often with little ones), be prepared with this handy snack jar that can hold a variety of snacks in different shapes and sizes.


Your baby will love picking and choosing a different snack from this neat little jar.


This snack jar is compact enough to take with you on the go but can hold enough snacks for when your little one’s snack craving hits. This is a great stocking stuffer for adults too! 




12. Mini Thermos: Skip Hop Baby Zoo Insulated Food Jar and Spork Set


I am a huge fan of thermoses, especially for little ones. I always kept a thermos full of warm puree or cold fruit for Leo on our outings because I wanted him to eat healthy meals while we were on the go.


A thermos is a great way to ensure that your baby is eating well even when you don’t have the convenience of reheating or cooling foods.


This thermos holds just enough food for littles ones and comes with a spork so your baby can enjoy his or her meal while out and about.




13. Splash mat: Paw Legend Washable Highchair Splat Floor Mat


A splash mat under your baby’s high chair is not one of those products you think you need but once you have it, you can never go back to your old ways.


Keep your floors clean and your sanity in check by investing in a splash mat, which can also be used as a picnic mat, a play mat, a craft mat, and a changing mat.


This one is machine washable which is fantastic and sticks really well to flooring. Honestly, this splash mat is a need, not a want. 




14. Organic Freeze-Dried Fruit: Happy Baby Organic Creamies Freeze-Dried Snacks


These Organic freeze-dried fruits are perfect when you’re on the go. Leo still loves eating freeze-dried fruit. These snacks are a mess-free solution for when your baby gets a snack attack.




15. Organic Puffs: Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs


Need I say more? The classic baby snack. Babies love puffs. It’s a universal fact. These Happy Baby organic puffs are loaded with goodness which will leave you feeling good about your baby’s snack choices. 




16. Yogurt MeltsHappy Baby Organic Yogis Freeze-Dried Yogurt


Another favorite in our house. These Happy Baby yogurt melts are “little drops of goodness” made with yogurt and organic fruit. 



17. Veggie Chips for babies: Lil Crunchies Mild Cheddar & Veggie Dip


These are the love child of Puffs and Cheetos, but healthier and made for babies. Lil Crunchies are perfect for little hands to grab on and munch. You may catch yourself sneaking in a few bites as well. I mean, who hasn’t snacked on their baby’s snacks from time-to-time? 



18. Favorite Pouch: Happy Tot Organic  Love My Veggies Spinach Apple Sweet Potato


Leo still happily consumes a post almost every day and I suspect this habit will last for a few more years.


These Happy tot veggie pouches are perfect for days when you want to get a few extra veggies in your little one’s tummy. These pouches are yummy and have will give your baby an extra boost of veggie goodness.


Alternatively, you can make your own pouches and store them in these reusable pouches




19. Teething cookies: Happy Baby Organic Teethers


These organic teething cookies are perfect stocking stuffers for babies. They love the texture and taste. These cookies melt in your baby’s mouth and are perfect for helping them practice their pincer grasp. Also, great for storing in your diaper bag to hand your baby when you’re on the go. 




20. Snack Bags: Bumkins Reusable 2 Piece Snack Bag


We still use these reusable snack bags almost daily. They have held up remarkably well and they are light and easy to transport.


These bags are great for dry snacks and fit perfectly in your stroller or diaper bag. I just rinse them out and let them dry overnight.


These bags are super cute and will help reduce the use of plastic. Love!



Stocking Stuffers for Comfort



Baby and rattles on top of a marble background




1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Banana Toothbrush



I don’t know what it is about this crazy viral product but babies seem to love it! Leo still occasionally munches on his banana toothbrush and he still pretends to brush his teeth with it.


I think the simple design and the easy to grasp handles are a winning combination which babies just can’t deny!


The design is perfect for little hands to hold and little teeth to chew on. These banana toothbrushes make perfect stocking stuffers for babies.


I gift this to friends with babies and it is always a huge hit. 




2. Teether: Nuby Icybite Teething Keys or Bebe Cookie Teethers & Gum Massagers


Teething toys are the ultimate stocking stuffer.


The Nuby teething kets are perfect for teething and will provide a cooling sensation on baby’s gums, while the Bebe cookie teethers are too cute for words and look and feel like an actual cookie which your baby will enjoy munching on.


Can’t go wrong with either and I would probably get both, to be honest, because who doesn’t love spoiling babies?




3. New pacifiers: Penguine Wubbanub, lama, and unicorn


Another thoughtful, practical stocking stuffer. You can’t go wrong with stocking up on a few new pacifiers for a little one.


We are massive fans of the wildly popular Wubbanubs because they give your baby something to hold, while also being easy for you to find.


They didn’t have the Llama and the Unicorn when Leo was using pacifiers, but how cute are these?


I totally wouldn’t be able to resist getting one of each. I love Wubbanubs because even after your baby’s done with pacifiers, he or she can still use the little lovey as a comfort item. So sweet! 




4. Lovey: Jellycat Lovey


Perfectly soft and undeniably adorable, this Jelleycat lovey can be used from birth.


These loveys are so soft and plush and make the perfect comfort item for your little one. A lovey makes a great stocking stuffer and a wonderful keepsake to include in your baby’s memory box so you can look back and ugly-cry like I do when remembering how tiny Leo used to be.


I especially love the reindeer one as a stocking stuffer for baby. So cute!








5. Classic Teddy: Vermont Teddy Bear


I think, even as an adult, I would love to find a soft, cuddly teddy bear in my stocking stuffer. A classic and timeless gift that your little one will cherish for years to come.




6. Warming lovey: Warmies Microwavable Lavender Scented Plush 


Okay, these are brilliant and I need one for my grown self. We have one for Leo that he loves to hold and cuddle with before bed.


These cuddly creatures are so soft and delightful and great for adults as well.


They bring so much comfort and are absolutely adorable to boot! Chef’s kiss to whoever thought to invest these. 




7. Security Blanket: Muslin Swaddle Blankets by CuddleBug 


Muslin blankets are literally the one baby item you can’t have enough of. We still use them constantly, years later with Leo.


There are endless and I mean truly endless uses with these blankets.


Your baby may get attached to one particular blanket so it’s best to double or triple up on the blankets so your baby always has a clean and fresh blanket to snuggle with.


These plain muslin blankets are also another fabulous option and can be used as absorbent towels as well!




8. Sleep Sheep: Cloud B Sleep Sheep On The Go Travel Sound Soother


We still use our Sleep Sheep when we are traveling because it is the perfect device to drown out the noise in a busy environment. The Sleep Sheep is perfect for your baby’s crib, bassinet, stroller or car.


You can remove the sheep to wash separately and it will look and feel as good as new! This is a classic baby must-have for good reason. 





9. The Ultimate Teething Mit: Malarkey Kids Teething Mitten


Ah, the wildly popular Munch Mitt. Invented by a mom so you know it’s legit. Everyone in my mom group constantly raves about this.


Babies love to suck on their hands. Why not just give them a teething mitten? Genius!


This adorable stocking stuffer is sure to delight, amuse and soothe your baby. Plus, it comes in so many adorable prints and colors. I’m obsessed with the cactus mitt. 




10. Teething necklace: Goobie Baby Audrey Silicone Teething Necklace


There must be something oddly satisfying about pulling and chewing on mom’s necklace because all babies love to do it.


Leo still occasionally tugs and tries to chew my necklaces. Still! This teething necklace is stylish and chic while being practical and safe for baby to grab and chew.


The best part, it doesn’t even look like a teething necklace! 




11. Sound Machine: Dreamegg Sound Machine for Sleeping


This compact sound machine is stylish and minimalist. It has a loopless sound (which is a thing you definitely want in a sound machine) with 10 relaxing sounds.


It also comes with a soft, warm night light.


This sound machine is the perfect addition to your baby’s nursery that will have your baby drifting off into a deep sleep with ease.


The baby shusher is also a great and very popular alternative to this sound machine.




12. Teething Drops: Boiron Camilia Baby Teething Relief Drops


These Boiron teething drops are legit. I love all the products by Boiron and highly recommend them. I keep a pack of these homeopathic drops in my purse, in the stroller, in my diaper bag, and in Leo’s room.


They are super easy to dispense and Leo doesn’t mind taking these drops at all. I’m obsessed with the entire line of Boiron products and recommend them to all parents. 




13. Amber Teething Necklace: Baltic Amber Teething Necklace


I know so many people that swear by amber teething necklaces (which you’re supposed to tie around baby’s ankle). I definitely plan on trying a teething necklace if I have another baby.


These necklaces have gained so much popularity over the last few years since they are supposed to reduce fussiness and drooling related to teething.


If you’re a fan of teething necklaces, this is a great little stocking stuffer that even comes with a bonus silicone teething necklace for your baby!




14. Nightlight: Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light


This adorable turtle is a mom and baby-approved fan favorite. It a full night sky projection on ceilings and walls with 8 different constellations. It’s the perfect little tool to help your little one dose off while staring at the stars. 




15. Mini Humidifier: AmuseNd USB Cool Mist Humidifier


This portable humidifier is as functional as it is adorable. The mini size makes it convenient to carry and charge with a USB.


It’s perfect for traveling to add a bit of extra humidity to dry air or to help a stuffy nose you’re on the go. Stylish and practical? Yes, please. 





16. Portable Speaker: SoundBub by WavHello Bluetooth Speaker


I love the Soundbub a stocking stuffer because it is practical and adorable. It’s a portable speaker and sound machine and just look at how cute the owl and the cat are!


You can clip it to a stroller or car seat or even your diaper bag to play some tunes for your baby while you’re on the go or use a sound machine to help baby sleep. I love it. 





17. The Best Swaddle: Love to Dream Swaddle UP


This Swaddle is so popular and everyone I know that has used it has nothing but positive reviews. This swaddle is designed to help your baby feel cozy and safe, while still being able to move her arms, touch her face, and self-soothe.


Parents love this swaddle because it’s so easy to use and helps get baby sleep faster and longer (which is amazing!).


This is definitely a must-have baby product and makes a great stocking stuffer that you and your baby will appreciate. 




18. Thermal-Aid Hot and Cold Lovey: Thermal-Aid Zoo Kids Pain Relief


Okay, this boo-boo lovey is too cute for words. I haven’t gotten one for Leo, only because I know that if I do, Leo will have constantly mysterious boo-boos showing up at all hours of the day.


This product is so cute and such a great way to comfort your child when he has a bump or a bruise. 




19. Pacifier Clip: Babygoal Pacifier Clips


When your baby drops his pacifier for the 800th time in the span of fifteen minutes, you will find yourself speed-Googling “pacifier clips”.


These are a lifesaver. These keep your baby’s pacifier on them, versus on the disgusting floor, which is honestly a win for everyone. 


These neutral pacifier clips so cute, come in so many different colors and prints. They are washable, durable and even come with a tiny carrying case. Cute and convenient? I’ll take 10, please. 







20. Room Thermometer: LittleHippo Nursery Room Thermometer 


I really want this room thermometer for myself because it is so cute! Look at those little eyes! Adorable. The temperature is easy to read and it even has a humidity monitor with a nightlight.


This is a perfect room thermometer for your’s baby’s nursery to ensure that her room is comfy, no matter what the weather outside is. 




Stocking Stuffers for Wearable Items



baby's feet in christmas booties surrounded by twinkling lights





1. EDITOR’S CHOICE Stylish Affordable Moccasins


I’m a sucker for baby moccasins. Babies look 1000% cuter when rocking a pair of adorable moccasins. These moccasins from Birdrock are stylish, comfortable, soft, durable, made of genuine leather and come in a variety of colors and prints.


You can’t go wrong at this price point and it makes for such a sweet and thoughtful stocking stuffer. 








2. Best Baby Socks: LA Active Grip Ankle Socks


Socks are a classic stocking stuffer for all ages, but especially babies because their socks are constantly and mysteriously disappearing.


These comfy and thick active grip ankle socks will have your baby cruising along without the worry of slipping. 





3. Cutest Beanie Ever: Oenbopo Baby Winter Warm Knit Hat


This is the perfect beanie for babies! The pom-pom is just delightful. I wish Leo was little enough that he would actually keep this on his head.


Your baby will get all the compliments when wearing this beanie. So stylish and cute! 




4. Fleece Mittens: N’Ice Caps Little Baby Sherpa Lined Fleece Mittens


Keep your baby’s little hands and fingers warm with this sherpa-lined mitten set. This is the perfect stocking stuffer to keep little hands to stay cozy during the colder winter months.




5. Best Baby Booties: Luvable Friends Baby Cozy Fleece Bootie


These Luvable Friends booties are a huge hit with parents because they are so soft and actually stay on baby’s feet.


These booties are easy to wash and soft, warm and comfortable for your baby’s tiny feet. How cute are these booties as a stocking stuffer? Such a sweet gift! 




6. Classic Onesies: Gerber Baby Solid Onesies Bodysuits


You can never have too many white onesies. Leo practically lived in them when he was little.



There is just something so cute about a baby in a white onesie. They are so versatile and can be worn with anything, which is perfect when you don’t have time to play stylist with your baby. 


ou can’t go wrong with some new onesies for your baby’s stocking. 




7. Knee High Socks: Hudson Baby Knee High Socks



I am still a huge fan of knee socks, especially during the winter months.


These Hudson Baby knee high socks are perfect for keeping your baby’s legs and feet warm.


They come in so many cute prints and designs. I actually want a grown-up version of these in my stocking. 






8. Softest Sleepers: L’ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Cotton Footed Overall


These L’ovedbaby sleepers are so soft and stylish. I love the colors and prints it comes in and the quality is fabulous. The fabric is thick and soft, super comfortable and washes really well.


You can’t ever have too many simple sleepers so might be a good idea to get a few of these in different colors. 




9. Baby Headbands: Toptim Baby Headbands 


Your baby will get so compliments when she’s wearing these beautiful headbands. They are so soft and come in so many different colors and styles.


These headbands make the perfect stocking stuffers for baby girls!





10. Bandana Bibs: Baby Bandana Drool Bibs and Teething Toys By Vuminbox


These bandana bibs are thick, absorbent and come with a teething toy. How awesome is that? You can remove the teething rings for washing and simply reattach so your baby has access to a teether at all times. Genius!


he best part is that these come in a 6 pack so you’ll always have a clean bib at the ready to catch baby’s drool. What a cute stocking stuffer for little babies!








11. Baby Barrette Bows: Ruyaa Tiny Hair Bows Clips


These little barrettes are so darling! I cannot even with how cute they are! The clips are fully covered so they won’t pull on baby’s hair and come in a pack of 20 so you will have a bow for every outfit!


I wish I had a little girl so I could put these in her stocking. So, so cute! 




12. Swim gear: Baby Beach One-Piece Sunsuit


Although it’s winter, it’s not too early to start dreaming about the summer. Stay ahead of the game with this rashguard for days to the beach or the splash park. This is also perfect if you’re going somewhere warm during the winter and want to keep your baby protected from the sun.


This swimsuit is comfortable, easy to put on and offers great sun protection!




13. Coziest Fleece blanket: Hudson Baby Double Layer Blanket


Every baby needs a quality fleece blanket. The Hudson baby fleece blankets are super cozy and come in a variety of different prints and colors.


Your baby will love snuggling with this soft and comfy blanket.




14. Best Baby Sunglasses: BIB-ON Vintage Best First Sunglasses for Infant


Babies in cute sunglasses? Enough said. These adorable sunnies will protect your baby’s eyes while actually staying on his head.


The frames are flexible and comfortable. It comes in a set of two so you can leave one in your car and one in your stroller so your baby looks cool and stylish wherever he goes.


These are definitely a favorite stocking stuffer for babies and toddlers. I mean, who can resist a baby in sunglasses?








15. Hat and mitten set:  Jan & Jul Baby Toddler Winter Earflap Beanie Hat Set


Keep your baby looking like an adorable little bear while staying warm and cozy with this sweet beanie hat set. Just think of the pictures of your little one playing in the snow while wearing this adorable set. Precious!




16. Best Fleece Baby Bunting: Cuddle Club Fleece Baby Bunting


The perfect winter accessory. This bunting is light and comfortably yet surprisingly effective at keeping baby warm. It’s large enough that you can layer an outfit underneath and long enough to keep baby’s hand covered.


Perfect for those chilly walks or quick trips. They also come in different animal designs so they make great Halloween costumes for little ones.


I love the lion, the penguin, and the avocado! So cute! 




17. Fleece Pants: Zutano Cozie Fleece Cuff Pant


These pants are a winter staple. The fleece is soft but not bulky so it is easy to layer with a bunting or snowsuit.


The fold-over waistband and cuffs are a nice addition because your baby can get extra wear out of these pants as he or she grows. 





18. Elastic Bows: Baby Girl Headbands and Bows by MiiYoung


If headbands aren’t your thing, try these tiny bows instead, which are perfect for those fine baby hairs.


These bows won’t pull or snag on your baby’s hair. They come in 10 different styles and are super comfortable.


Your baby will look perfectly adorable wearing these little bows!








19. The Perfect Sweater Romper: Hope & Henry Layette Cable Knit Sweater Romper


This is literally the cutest sweater romper I have ever seen. Is there anything more adorable than a baby in a cable-knit? Simple and stylish, made with organic cotton, this classic cable-knit sweater is super soft and a perfect heirloom piece.


This romper is perfect whether you have a boy or a girl and the quality is exceptional. How cute would your baby look in this for fall or winter pictures? OMG. So freakin’ cute!




20. Puffy Coat: CECORC Winter Coats for Kids with Hoods 


Winters call for a stylish puffy coat for children and adults alike. Keep your baby warm and comfortable in this adorable hooded puffy coat.


Pair with a cute set of boots and your baby will look adorably stylish while staying warm and cozy. 


Stocking Stuffers for Personal Care



Children's toothphase and toothbrush, wipes, nail clipper and hairbrush in a box with Christmas decorations




1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: The Genius Nosefrida



I cannot sing enough praises for this product. This genius invention will leave you and your partner fighting over whose turn it is to suck the snot out your baby’s nostrils.


Welcome to parenting. This is the kind of stuff that excites you now.


If you have not gotten the NoseFrida yet, I beg you to do so immediately. It will change your life.


The only way to realize the joy of clearing your baby’s congestion with your mouth is by experiencing it firsthand with the Snotsucker.


I promise you will not be disappointed. 





2. Game-changing Nail Trimmer: Little Martin’s Drawer Nail Trimmer


What brilliant mind invented this product? I didn’t even know about this nail trimmer when Leo was little but it is a total a game-changer.


No more living in fear of accidentally chopping off your baby’s fingertips! This is perfect for the squirmy toddler stage as well.


This nail trimmer is quiet, comes with an LED light and three attachments at different speeds. Genius!




3. Softest Baby Hairbrush: OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set


There is something so sweet about little baby hairbrushes. I still have Leo’s hairbrush that he got from the hospital and his first baby brush, just like this one.


These types of brushes are so soft for baby’s sensitive skin and help with cradle cap.


In fact, I used a brush just like this one for Leo and it took care of his cradle cap very quickly!






4. Best Baby Toothbrush: Jordan Step 1 Baby Toothbrush

These adorable tiny toothbrushes are perfectly designed for baby’s little hands. Even if your baby doesn’t have teeth yet, you can encourage your baby to start practicing for when those pearly whites finally come in!


 You can even start a tradition and give your child a special new toothbrush every Christmas. So cute!



5. Essential Baby Face Wipes: Boogie Wipes Wet Wipes for Baby


Total lifesaver. That is all. Perfect for the winter, cold and flu season. The wipes are very soft and infused with a natural saline solution, Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E to help heal baby’s stuffy little nose. 


These boogie wipes will be a mainstay in your diaper bag because they are just that good!




6. Cutest Bandaids: Paw Patrol Band-Aids


We go through these Band-Aids so quickly because Leo always convinces himself he has a boo-boo so he can get a cute Band-Aid to show his friends.


These are the perfect stocking stuffers that you will probably (unfortunately) need at some point to heal those awful real or fake boo-boos.  




7. Best Baby Shampoo and Soap: Baby Dove Tip to Toe Baby Wash


I am a huge fan of the Baby Dove line. I truly love and enjoy using all of their products and highly recommend them to my new parent friends.


Dove baby wash is perfect for sensitive skin and will leave your baby feeling squeaky clean. 




8. Sick Day Essentials Kit: Fridababy Sick Day Essentials


This sick day kit from Fridababy includes all the snot-fighting essentials, like vapor wipes, a vapor chest rub made with eucalyptus and lavender, and vapor drops for adding to bathwater or a diffuser. 


This is a thoughtful and useful stocking stuffer that will definitely come in handy during those harsh winter months.


Also, perfect for keeping in your diaper bag if you’re out and about with a baby that’s feeling under the weather. 




9. Fever cooling pads: FridaBaby Cool Pads


Another brilliant product from Fridababy, these fever-reducing pads are definitely a must-have.


These cool pads will comfort your little ones when a fever hits and is also safe to use with oral medicine.


It provides immediate cooling relief, without any refrigeration, while allowing your little one to move around freely.


These cooling pads are non-toxic and skin safe. This is a very useful product to keep in your medicine cabinet all year round. 




10. Soothing Bubble Bath: Alaffia Everyday Shea Bubble Bath 


What baby (or adult) doesn’t love a good bubble bath? This lemon lavender shea bubble bath lathers really well and has long-lasting bubbles to give your baby the best bath experience ever. 




11. Adorable Baby First Aid Kit: PreparaKit Travel Baby First Aid Kit 


This is the cutest first aid kit I have ever seen! It is a diaper bag essential because it has everything you need for a boo-boo related emergency.


There are 50 items in this emergency kit, including band-aids, gauze antibiotic ointment, thermometer strips, burn cream and even stickers for your brave little patient!


This handy kit is small enough to fit in your diaper bag or glove compartment and it comes with an adorable carrying case. Cute, practical and useful! I need one, immediately. 






12. Best Baby Bath towel: Hudson Baby Hooded Towel


Every baby needs adorable baby bath towels. Leo has so many and he still looks so cute after his bath, all wrapped up in his favorite towel.


These Hudson Baby Animal Face Hooded towels are super soft and absorbent and oh so cute! 




13. Natural Vapor Bath Bombs: Fridababy Vapor Bath Bombs


Perfect for sick days, especially during cold and flu season. Your baby will love watching these bath bombs fizzing during bath time.


They are filled with all-natural essential oils with eucalyptus and lavender, which will provide your soothing comfort and help your baby breathe easy. 




14. Bottle Brush and Straw Cleaning Set: Bottle Brush Cleaner 5 Pack


This is a must-have baby which is why it’s a great stocking stuffer. We love this set that comes with a handy straw cleaner. I use these brushes to clean our water bottles as well.


They are very effective at cleaning our bottles quickly and thoroughly. 




15. Baby Travel Toiletry Set: KAIROS-GO Travel Toiletry Set


Seriously, how cute is this travel toiletry set? I think I want one for myself!


This is the cutest product ever and such a great little stocking stuffer that can be used for a long time.


If you’re like me and you hate buying sample-sized products traveling and prefer packing your own travel-sized products, then this travel set has your name written all over it!


You may have to pry these away from your baby’s tiny hands because they are so much fun. 




16. Medicine Dispenser: Accu-dose Pacifier Baby Medicine Dispenser 


This medicine dispenser is a lifesaver for babies that are picky about taking medicine.


The accu-dose pacifier ensures that the dose is completely accurate by bypassing the baby’s tastebuds and sends medicine to the side of the cheek (as recommended by doctors), which prevents spit-ups.


This medicine dispenser is similar to the ones used in hospitals and works with all standard oral syringes. What a smart idea! 




17. Waterproof Wet Bags: ALVABABY Wet Dry Bags


These bags are a diaper bag essential. Trust me. When babies make a mess (which they do often), these wet bags will be a lifesaver for any scrambling mom. Poop explosion? Sauce everywhere? Soaked in Water?


No problem! Simply change your baby’s clothes and put the soiled clothes in a wet bag to wash at your convenience, without getting the mess all over your diaper bag.




18. Best Baby Lotion for Sensitive Skin: Baby Dove Moisture Lotion


The only baby lotion we use. This formula is light and creamy but without any sticky residue.


The smell is pleasant and fresh and we had never had any issues with skin irritation. This soothing lotion is perfect for sensitive skin, leaving baby’s skin soft and supple. 





19. Boo Boo Ice Pack: Green Sprouts Cool Calm Press 


This adorable owl ice pack is the perfect cure for boo-boos. 








20. The Best Diaper Balm Ever: Organic Diaper Balm by Earth Mama


This is the best diaper balm ever. This is the only diaper balm that works on Leo’s sensitive skin and heals any irritation quickly. This product is seriously legit, people. 





Stocking Stuffers for Playtime



Image of children's wooden block toys and some Christmas decorations




1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: Best First Words Book



This book is fantastic for developing vocabulary and learning sights and sounds. 


This is probably one of the first books we got for Leo and we still read this book all the time with Leo. He still loves it and loves practicing all the words, especially since he knows them all now!


This book is very simple and easy for babies and toddlers to understand, which explains why it is so popular!


It has 100 simple pictures with the words printed on it and is a great way to get your baby and toddler to identify objects and say words. 







2. Fun Holiday Book: Little Blue Truck’s Christmas


I think books make the perfect stocking stuffer because you will get years of use out of them and it is a gift your baby will appreciate more and more with time. 


Like so many toddlers, Leo is also a fan of the Little Blue Truck, which comes in a Christmas edition. How fun!





3. Fizzy Bath Tablets: Color My Bath 300-Piece Color Changing Bath Tablets


Babies are in awe of the fizzy color-changing tablets and they love to create their own colored bathwater. These bath tablets are a simple and fun way to get your baby excited about bath time.  





4. Nesting Cups: The First Years Stack Up Cups


Nesting cups are probably the most versatile toy on this list and will provide your baby with endless fun. These cups are perfect for little hands and have numbers on the bottom which is great for practicing numbers and counting while stacking. 


They make perfect bath toys, high chair toys, and even beach toys. Your little one will love pretending to drink out of these cups and they will also help him master his pincer grasp.


These cups will also help your baby learn colors and sizes. They are easy to clean, durable and affordable while providing years of fun and learning.  





5. Stickers: SAVITA 3D Stickers for Kids & Toddlers


I’m a grown woman and I still can’t resist stickers. These cute puffy stickers make perfect stocking stuffers that will delight your baby.


Give them to your baby to add to his sticker book or even stick onto windows.


These stickers are durable and reusable and come in different themes, like animals, cars, fish, and numbers. I feel like buying a set for myself! 





6. Finger paint: Crayola My First Fingerpaint Kit Finger Paints


I love this finger painting set. Leo still uses it and it is almost two years old. The paint colors are vibrant and look lasting but also super easy to clean and wash off clothes.


Leo has smeared his clothes in this paint numerous times and the stains have easily washed away.


Painting is such a great way to promote creativity and unleash your child’s inner artist. This paint set is such a thoughtful stocking stuffer for babies and toddlers!






7. Wooden Puzzle: Melissa & Doug Shapes Chunky Puzzle


This chunky puzzle is a great toy for developing motor skills and practicing hand-to-eye coordination. We loved puzzles like this when Leo was little.


The shapes are easily recognizable and the colors are bright, which makes it easy for your baby to learn colors and shapes.


The chunky pieces are for babies and toddlers to hold. Your baby will know the names of shapes in no time with this puzzle.




8. Flashcards: First Words Flash Cards


We still love and use flashcards all the time. Flashcards are perfect for high chair entertainment and are a great way to encourage your child to identify and communicate with you.


Leo feels so proud of himself when he identifies a picture correctly and these flashcards really help us practice his vocabulary.


You can even throw this set in your diaper bag for an impromptu game with flashcards when you’re traveling or on the go. 





9. Stroller toy: Lamaze Clip & Go, Freddie the Firefly


As you can see, Freddie the Firefly is very popular with littles and for good reason. Freddie is so bright and colorful. He has different textures to explore.


Babies love Freddie’s fun colors and his smiling face, along with his noisy wings. 


This toy has every possible distraction on it which will keep your baby’s attention whether Freddie is on the stroller, car seat or play mat.





10. Winkel: Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy


The Winkel is a classic sensory and teething toy that many babies enjoy. The soft loops are thin enough for baby’s tiny fingers and the toy is light enough for baby to be able to pick up with ease.


This toy is great for teething babies and even comes with a little rattle inside to pique your baby’s interest.





11. Sensory Ball: Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball


This toy offers a variety of sounds, colors, and textures to entertain and amuse your baby. It’s also easy to clean, which is perfect!


This ball is great for sensory development and will help to teach your baby how to grab and throw a ball. 




12. Floatie Bath toy: Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy


These adorable floating bath toys are perfect for bath time. Your baby will be delighted while trying to catch the little floating animals inside the bubbles, which also developing baby’s sense of sight, hearing and touch.


As per reviews, don’t be surprised if these bath toys spend more time outside of the bath than actually in the bath. 





13. Cutest Toy cars: Melissa & Doug Pull-Back Vehicles


These pull-back cars are a perfect stocking stuffer for babies. Toy cars are always a hit in our house and these ones are impressively fast and fun.


They actually speed away super fast and go a fair distance. Your baby will have so much fun chasing these adorable little cars and watching them zoom away.


The fabric can be washed, which is great because, at some point, these cars are soft enough for chewing.


The biggest advantage is that they won’t damage your walls and baseboards! What’s not to love?








14. Rattle and Teether Set: iPlay, iLearn Baby Rattles Musical Toy Set


This adorable toy set comes with 10 different sensory toys to keep your baby amused. You can remove the toys from the packaging and stuff his stocking with all ten toys.


I‘m sure Leo would have loved a stocking full of these little toys when he was little.


This set comes with rattles and teethers in different shapes and colors, which will provide endless fun for your little one.


This classic set of Maracas is also a huge hit with little ones. Babies love to hold something that will make noise and this toy is just perfect for little hands.



15. Musical rhymes book: VTech Musical Rhymes Book

This book is still a huge hit in our house and it’s one of the first toys I bought for Leo. Even now, at almost three years old, Leo loves to flip the pages and sing the nursery rhymes while playing with the different buttons and knobs in the book.


This toy will help your baby sing along and hum the musical rhymes. So cute and fun! 





16. Tummy Time Water Mat: Splashin’kids Inflatable Water Mat


Your baby will have so much fun doing tummy time on this water mat. A lot of moms swear by this mat to buy them some time to eat breakfast or fold some laundry.


Babies love the feel of this squishy mat filled with water, glitter, and fish!


This mat is durable and holds a lot of water, which babies love. Be prepared for a sudden increase in wanting to do tummy time with this mat. 




17. Crinkly Book: Lamaze Peek-a-Boo Forest Book or VTech Peek & Play 


Crinkly books are a great sensory toy that will keep your baby entertained. This book was an essential diaper bag item for me when Leo was little.


These crinkly books provide an amusing sensory experience for your baby and this one is soft with bright patterns and pictures of animals.


The pages have different fabrics and make interesting sounds to keep baby interested.


This sensory book is perfect for the car seat, stroller or playmat. Try the musical version to keep your baby amused and entertained. 












18. Building Blocks: B. Toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks


Every child needs a set of building blocks. Building blocks are a classic toy that inspires creative and imaginative play.


Your baby can (and probably will) chew on these, which is why these soft blocks are perfect. These blocks are durable and come in different colors.


Your little one will be making and knocking towers and castles down in no time! 





19. Link Toys: Bright Starts Lots of Links


Link toys have so many uses. You can attach them to the car seat, stroller, diaper bag, play mat, baby carrier or to other toys.


Your baby will find new ways to connect the links and will use these toys as teethers, rattles, and bracelets.


They come in a variety of colors and will definitely pique your baby’s interest.


This toy is perfect for developing your baby’s motor skills while keeping him entertained. They even come in a convenient resealable case so they don’t get lost.  





20. Bath Crayons: Play Visions Color Swirl Bathtub Twistables


Bath toys are always a hit in our house. You can’t go wrong with bath crayons. Allow your baby to scribble and get her creative juices flowing while she’s in the bath.


These are also great for when your baby or toddler resists a bath.


Sometimes all you need are a couple of fun toys to have them climbing into the tub with ease. These crayons come in different colors, are easy to clean and will not stain your tub. Perfect.  




21. Reusable Coloring Pad: Melissa & Doug Water Wow!


These reusable coloring books are one of the greatest inventions of all time.


We keep a few of these coloring books stashed away for emergency boredom. We keep them in the stroller, in the car, at grandma’s house, on his high chair and even my diaper bag.


These books are perfect for trying to get your baby toddler to act somewhat like a human when you’re at a restaurant and they are also perfect for road trips and visits to the pediatrician’s office.


Just fill-up the pen with water and you’ve just bought yourself enough time to enjoy a hot coffee. 


Stocking Stuffer Christmas Traditions


You can always put similar items in your child’s stocking every year. For example, you could stick with just the basics such as:


  • An item they want – maybe a small toy or experience gift
  • An item they need – maybe a new toothbrush
  • Something to wear – a pair of socks
  • Something to read – a new book


My final tip is to put something consistent in their stocking which they will know to expect and will look forward to every year. Whether that’s a special treat or trinket is up to you, but it can be the start of a wonderful family Christmas tradition. 


If you would like to start more Christmas traditions with your family, check out my post 25 Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Family.


Final Thoughts on Stocking Stuffers for Babies


Regardless of what you choose to put in your baby’s stocking, I’m sure he or she will love all the special gifts you’ve chosen.


The fact that you’re even searching for thoughtful and useful stocking stuffer ideas for your baby is so sweet and amazing!


I would love to know what goes you put in your baby’s stocking. Do you have any family Christmas traditions? 


Make sure to comment below as I love to hear about how YOU spend the holidays and what special things you do to make your holiday season magical.  


While you’re here, check out my other Holiday posts


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101 Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers for Babies: Stocking Stuffers your baby will love and use this Christmas! 


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