How to make the PERFECT Christmas Eve Box for Toddlers


Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Babies and Toddlers



There is something so magical about the holiday season! The lights, the wonderful songs, the delicious smells and of course, the love we feel during the holidays is the most special part of it all. 


I think the holidays are the perfect time to bring your family together and make unforgettable, lifelong memories.  I am a huge fan of Christmas and I especially love starting new traditions for my family.


One of the traditions that I absolutely love is making Christmas Eve boxes for my family!



Christmas Child Open Present Gift, Happy Baby Boy looking to Magic Light in Box, Kid sitting front of Xmas Tree


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This tradition is fairly new but has become hugely popular over the last few years, because Christmas Eve boxes are just one more way to add a little more holiday magic to your Christmas festivities. Isn’t that wonderful?


Kids are only little once and many parents want to create magical moments for them that they can look back on fondly. A Christmas Eve box for kids does just that. 


Just the thought of little ones tip-toeing to their Christmas boxes filled with excitement on the night before Christmas is so heartwarming!


This tradition gives kids an extra reason to cherish the holidays and the time spent with their parents and families, which they will surely look back on with love.


There are so many ways to make this tradition your own and there really are no rules so you can have so much fun creating your own Christmas Eve Box for your family and especially your little ones! 


How to Make the Perfect Christmas Eve Box for Toddlers


The beauty of this tradition is that it will get easier and easier to set up every holiday season because you will probably have some go-to items that your family just loves, which will help you make the perfect Christmas Eve Box.


Before we get into the details, we need to figure out what is a Christmas Eve Box and how to set one up.


There are so many Christmas Eve Box ideas, all with very different themes and products so it can get overwhelming to figure out exactly what you should in your Xmas Eve Box.


However, if you master the general idea, then you will become a total master at setting up Christmas Eve boxes for the whole family! 



What is a Christmas Eve Box?


Although it may seem like this tradition literally came out of nowhere, it apparently did begin in Germany.


The questions on people’s minds are, what is a Christmas Eve Box? Where do I get one? What do I put inside?


Worry not! By the end of this post, people will think that YOU created Christmas Eve Boxes because that is how fantastic your Christmas Eve Box will turn out! 


Basically, a Christmas Eve Box is simply a box full of goodies that your kids and family will open specifically on Christmas Eve. That’s the main, caveat. No cheating! How fun is that? 


You can go as big or small as you want with a Christmas Eve Box.  The idea is to delight (and distract) your children the night before Christmas by giving them some special gifts that they can enjoy on Christmas Day!


Most people end up choosing things that they know their kids will love and more importantly use!


Choosing a gift that you can continue to give them, even as they grow up, such as a new pair of pajamas is ideal because it gives you the opportunity to start a fun new tradition with your family.  


This tradition is meant to add to the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning and to create wonderful Christmas Eve memories with your family. Have fun with your Christmas Eve Box and get creative!


This is such a thoughtful Christmas tradition and your family will love and cherish this tradition for years to come! 


What to put in a Christmas Eve Box?


This is where the fun begins! Christmas Eve Boxes can be filled with whatever your heart desires! You can keep the items simple and stick with the classic “four gift rule”, such as something your kids want, need, to wear and to read.


For example, you could do a little book, a new set of Christmas pajamas, slippers or socks and a small treat, toy or game. 


I love the idea of Christmas pajamas because they can wear it the same night and on Christmas morning.


You could make Christmas Eve Boxes for the entire family and get matching pajamas for everyone. So cute, I can’t even handle it! Think of the pictures! 


Christmas Eve Box Gift Ideas:


  • Hot chocolate and marshmallows
  • Small cup or mug to enjoy said hot chocolate and marshmallows 
  • “Reindeer food” to sprinkle on your lawn or balcony
  • A movie that you can all watch together
  • A board game you can play together
  • Pajamas
  • Socks
  • Slippers
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste to make bedtime more fun
  • Bubble bath to relax before the Big Day
  • Coloring book with crayons to keep little hands busy and away from the presents


This is the time to let your creativity shine! The limit does not exist! 


How to make a Christmas Eve Box?


You literally only need a box! However, if you are crafty, then you can totally DIY a beautiful Christmas Eve Box that will become a cherished keepsake!


Let your creative juices flow and I’m sure you will end up with something absolutely perfect! You can even get your little ones to help! 


Where to get a Christmas Eve Box?


If you are like me and don’t have a crafty bone in your body, then you can do what I do when I have a problem, go on the internet.


You can find so many lovely customized Christmas Eve Boxes for kids of all ages and you’re only one click away from getting a beautiful Christmas Eve Box delivered right to your door! 


Amazon and Etsy have some fabulous options that are reasonably priced and look absolutely gorgeous!


Check out some gorgeous Christmas Eve boxes below.


1. Adorable Personalized Christmas Eve Box 


Wooden box with Olivia's Christmas Eve Box engraved on top, background has christmas ornaments and tinsel




2. Super-Cute Personalized Christmas Eve Crate


Wooden crate with North Pole shipping co special Christmas Eve Delivery for Natalie engraved on it, with a red ornament on the side




3. Fun Christmas Eve Box Accessories – includes a magic key and reindeer food!


Christmas gift bag, Santa Stop Here sign, Santa Key, Reindeer Food bag and Christmas cookie plate



4. Stunning Engraved Christmas Eve Box – a beautiful keepsake!



Wooden Christmas Box with Olivia's Christmas Eve Box engraved on it, background is a Christmas tree with presents and ornaments




5. Parcel from Santa Christmas Eve Box


two Christmas parcel box with decorations and golden scissors in front of the boxes



What do you put in your baby’s first Christmas Eve Box?


Now that you have your Christmas Eve Box picked out, the fun begins! There are endless options when it comes to filling a Christmas Eve Box.


You know your child best and no matter what you put in the box, your little will be absolutely delighted to experience that extra bit of magic during Christmas! 


Click below for Christmas Eve Box ideas that your toddler will absolutely love!


Toddler Christmas Eve Box Ideas



Editor’s Choice: The Little Blue Truck’s Christmas



1. Christmas Book


This Santa’s Workshop board book is so cute and indestructible! I love the pictures and the lift-a-flap aspect. Leo goes crazy for books with flaps and this book is too cute to pass up! 


You can also stick with a classic like The Night Before Christmas because this is a book you’ll be reading year after year.


Some other Christmas favorites are The Little Blue Truck’s Christmas and Llama Llama Jingle Bells! Both of these books are favorites and always a hit. 


Regardless of what books you choose, you can’t go wrong with a fun, Christmas book that your little one will just love. 


Little Blue Truck's Christmas cover page for christmas eve box



2. Christmas Pajamas 


This set from Carter’s for girls is so cute and comes with two different tops so your little one can mix and match. I love the print and the style!


Check out the matching set for boys! Absolutely adorable! 



three piece Christmas pajama set for girls in pink and striped with red and white for Christmas eve box



3. Christmas Socks


I am a grown adult and even I can’t resist a pair of cute Christmas socks! These Christmas toddler socks come in a pack of three, packaged in an adorable Christmas bag and even include a reindeer headband. How cute is that?? Love this! 



three piece christmas socks with christmas bow for Christmas eve box gift



4. Christmas Bath Toys


Your little one will have no trouble jumping in the bath on the night before Christmas with these adorable Christmas bath toys


This bath toy set comes with a reindeer, a Santa, some presents, a snowman, and a Christmas tree. Perfect for getting your little one to wind down on Christmas Eve! 



five christmas bath toys, including reindeer, santa, christmas tree, snow man and a pile of presents


5. Bubble Bath Bombs


Speaking of bath time fun, how awesome are these Bubble Bath Bombs that come with bath toys inside? I mean, I want one for myself!


These bath bombs have natural ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and Epsom salts, are kid and mom approved and will help your little one relax and drift off into a restful sleep before the big day! 


christmas bubble bombs box with six assorted bombs and toys



6. Hot Chocolate 


A little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone. I’m a big believer in “everything in moderation” and what better time to indulge than Christmas. This Ghirardelli Premium Hot cocoa is seriously good.


This stuff is legit. You may end up enjoying this delicious hot chocolate more than your little one and I don’t blame you. Now that I have officially felt the cool air on my face, I have added this hot cocoa to my cart to enjoy all season long. *Breathes in chocolate*. 


Box of Chirardelly hot cocoa



7. Christmas Mug or Bottle 


What goes perfectly with a cup of hot cocoa? A brand new mug of course!


This personalized Christmas mug for kids is literally one of the cutest things I have ever seen! The penguin and the reindeer are my favorite. I actually want one for myself.  I cannot handle the cuteness! 


If your little one doesn’t have quite mastered drinking from an open cup, then this Camelbak Water Bottle with a straw might be a better option! It even comes in an adorable Christmas edition! So cute! 


mug with Alice inscribed on it and a penguin wearing a scarf and earmuffs



8. Christmas Teddy Bear 


A soft, cuddly new teddy for Christmas Eve? Yes, please! This  GUND Christmas Teddy Bear is the perfect addition to a baby or toddler’s Christmas Eve Box! He is soft, sweet and so cuddly! Your little one will adore their new, furry friend!


Brown teddy bear wearing a Santa hat



9. Christmas Slippers


These reindeer slippers are too cute for words! They should come in adult size because I would totally rock these all winter long! These slippers are such a cute and comfy addition to your little one’s Christmas Eve Box. 


Just think of those little feet in these tiny slippers! Adorable! 


A pair of reindeer slippers for toddlers



10. Water Wow! Activity Book


I always have a few of these Melissa & Doug Water Wow! Activity Pads around. In the car, in the stroller, in my bag, you name it! These coloring books are perfect for putting in your toddler’s Christmas Eve Box.


They will help keep your little one busy before the big day, plus they are reusable and mess-free. Brilliant! 

Three Water Wow! Books in assorted colors (green, yellow and orange)


11. New Toothbrush and Toothpaste 


These Totz Plus toothbrushes are popular because they are super easy to hold with little hands. Pair with a fun new toothpaste like this Paw Patrol toothpaste to make bedtime more exciting on Christmas Eve! 


If you really want to up the bedtime routine excitement, try this adorable little electric toothbrush with an LED timer that will make your little one feel like a grown-up. Parent and kid-approved!


Pink electric toothbrush for kids and extra toothbrush head



12. Christmas Bathrobe


I am legitimately obsessed with this Reindeer Toddler BathrobeJust the thought of a tiny human walking around in this little bathrobe on Christmas Eve is too much for me. I love it! 


Red reindeer bathrobe with polkadots for kids




13. Santa Key


If your little one is concerned about how Santa is going to enter your home to deliver presents, then this Santa key could be the perfect solution!


This is such a sweet little memento to add to a Christmas Eve Box that will have your toddler excitedly waiting to hear Santa’s footsteps! 


A key for Santa in box to put inside Christmas Eve Box



14. Christmas Movie 


My favorite part of the holiday season is watching Christmas movies!


There are so many to choose from! We usually stream our movies but you can include a DVD in your Christmas Eve box as well! 


Home alone movie cover poster for Christmas eve box suggestions


15. Favorite Treats


If you’re going to watch a movie, then you need all the snacks! I mean, it’s the holidays! Treats are expected! We usually like to keep it healthy and include mandarin oranges in our Christmas Eve Boxes.


These Happy Baby Organic Puffs and Happy Baby Yogurt Snacks are pretty solid classics that little ones can’t get enough of! Your little ones can munch on these treats while using their coloring books or watching Christmas movies and before you know it, it’s going to be Christmas morning!


Three pack of Happybaby organic yogis organic yogurt melt for Christmas eve box ideas

Christmas Eve Box Traditions


You can always put similar items in your child’s Christmas Eve Box every year. For example, you could stick with just the basics such as:


  • An item they want – maybe a small toy or treat
  • An item they need – maybe a new toothbrush
  • Something to wear – a pair of socks or new pajamas 
  • Something to read – a new book


My final tip is to put something consistent in their Christmas Eve Box which they will know to expect and will look forward to every year. Whether that’s a special treat or trinket is up to you, but it can be the start of a wonderful family Christmas tradition. 


If you would like to start more Christmas traditions with your family, check out my post 25 Christmas Traditions to Start with Your Family.


Final Thoughts on Christmas Eve Box


A Christmas Eve Box for the family is a great tradition to start with your family to add a bit of extra Christmas magic on Christmas Eve.


No matter what you choose to put inside your Christmas Eve box, your kids and family will love how thoughtful you were to make these special memories for them. 


Enjoy the process and savor the moments!


There are so many ways to make Christmas magical for your family. I would love to know what you put inside your Christmas Eve box. 


Do you have any special family traditions for Christmas?


Be sure to comment below as I absolutely love hearing about your holidays and all the little things you do to make your Christmas special! 


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