BEST Stocking Stuffers Ideas for the Whole Family!


Affordable Stocking Stuffer Ideas The Whole Family Will Love!


Stocking Stuffers are the best, am I right or am I right? Stocking stuffers just add another layer of magical goodness to the experience of Christmas morning. So awesome. What’s not awesome, is panic shopping for stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve. I’m ashamed to admit that I have been guilty of doing this more than once, which is why I have put together a list of inexpensive and thoughtful stocking stuffer ideas the entire family will love! 



There is something so fun and exciting about opening up your little gifts before opening the big gifts! However, I tend to get caught up on all of the other aspects of Christmas and then I am totally scrambling last minute to literally get anything but a pack of mints as a stocking stuffer. I know, it’s bad. 



Honestly though, who has the time and stamina to fight brave the stores during Christmas? If that’s you, mad respect to you my friend. Mall parking lots during peak season don’t terrify you? Props.



Now, for the rest of us who change out of our regular pair of yoga pants into a “nicer” pair of yoga pants when we want to feel fancy, we can just go online, while wrapped in a blanket like a burrito to buy things that will make our family love us. Perfect. 



This is why I love lists. Lists are nice and easy and reliable. This list is especially good because all the stocking stuffer ideas on this list are affordable, useful and thoughtful! Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers for men, kids, toddlers, tweens or even colleagues or friends. I got you covered! Your family will be thrilled to open up their stockings on Christmas morning! You got this! 



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Useful Stocking Stuffers Ideas for the Whole Family!


Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men


1. Car Wash Gift Cards 


You can’t go wrong with a simple, thoughtful gift. Who doesn’t need a car wash in the winter months, especially if you live somewhere cold? This is a classic, no-fuss, practical stocking stuffer that any man, whether it is your husband, father, uncle, friend, boyfriend, or colleague will appreciate immensely!



2. Travel Mug


For the guy on the go, this Beast Tumbler is pretty fantastic. These things are built like tanks and totally worth the investment. The reviews are glowing and a lot of them say this is a better and more affordable version of the Yeti Tumblers. Amazing!


Click to Purchase Beast Tumbler



3. Socks or Underwear (Obviously!)


Christmas is the perfect time to restock on essentials for the New Year. Nothing screams practical and thoughtful like some new socks and undies to start the year fresh. You know what your man wears and likes, so I’ll leave this one up to you!



4. Earbuds


For the iPhone using man in your life, Airpods are literally all the rage! Alternatively, these Mpow Flame Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are extremely popular, compatible with iPhones and Androids, and under $20!



Click to Purchase Mpow Flame Wireless Bluetooth Headphones



5. Razors


Once again, like socks and underwear, men (and women) need razors. Now would be a good time to top him up with some new razors so he can look fresh all year long!



6. Hand Cream


Most men don’t think to buy themselves hand cream, which they desperately need. They sort of expect it to show up mysteriously, which is why it makes the perfect stocking stuffer. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Cream is legit! Read the reviews if you don’t believe me. He will thank you. 



Click to Purchase O’ Keeffe’s Working Hands



7. Shoe Cleaning Kit


You and I both know that guy whose shoes desperately need some TLC. Keep his kicks looking clean all year long with this Boot and Shoe Cleaner Kit.




Click to Purchase Boot and Shoe Cleaner Kit


8. Hand Sanitizer

Just like hand cream, hand sanitizer isn’t something people think to actively look for when shopping. It gets overlooked but is absolutely essential, especially during cold and flu season.


This CleanWell Botanical Hand Sanitizer Spray is plant-based, kid-friendly, non-toxic, cruelty-free and moisturizing while being in the form of a handy spray! So great. Grab the six-pack so he can keep a few in his car, in his gym bag, and work bag! Yay for healthy immune systems! 



Click to Purchase CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Spray


9. Portable Charger



This tiny, compact charger is the best and it’s under $20. I give these as gifts all the time because they are so handy to ensure that your phone isn’t dying in the middle of a snowstorm or anywhere for that matter!


This is a practical and affordable gift that anyone will appreciate! 



Click to Purchase Mini Portable Charger


10. Tile Mate

I love this product so much, I put it on my cat. Don’t judge me. This Tile Mate Tracker is the perfect stocking stuffer for the forgetful guy in your life. He can hang it on his keys, slip it inside his wallet or clip it to his bag.


Bonus, you can remind him what a lifesaving gift-giver you are every time he loses his keys! 

Click to Purchase Tile Mate



Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Women


1. New Mug and Favorite Coffee 


If the woman in your life is a mother, chances are she needs fuel and lots of it. If she isn’t a coffee drinker, get her a box of her favorite tea and a new teacup or kettle. Alternatively, you could just get her a good bottle of wine and a new wine glass. Either way, this is one gift she will definitely use. 



2. Jade Roller


I didn’t even know I needed a Jade Roller until I got one and now I use it daily.


Puffy eyes from crying after seeing my credit card bill? Jade Roller.


Stayed up all night with the baby? Jade Roller. 


Went out with friends for the first time in months and got hungover? Jade. Roller.


This Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set will help her start aging backward or at the very least, not look like she slept on the floor of a grocery store, as I do on most days. 



Click to Purchase Jade Roller


3. Fitness Tracker


I love fitness trackers for so many reasons. They help me stay on top of my health and fitness goals and monitor my progress. A Fitbit is a great stocking stuffer to start the New Year and crush those fitness goals.  



Click to Purchase Fitbit Charge 3


4. Water Bottle


Nobody ever drinks enough water.  Especially moms. We literally run on like two cups of water a week. Get her a fun new water bottle like this one that comes in many colors and doesn’t leak!



Click to Purchase Simple Modern Water Bottle

5. Eye masks


Do you sense a theme year with the jade roller and the spa gift cards? The theme is that we never have time to take care of ourselves because we are busy taking care of every living creature in our lives.


That’s why we need the people that love us to occasionally hold us hostage and force us to throw on some under-eye masks and lie down for like 20 minutes. We need it.


These collagen under-eye patches are perfect are exactly what she needs for when she hasn’t slept in three days but needs to go out in public without people asking her if she is unwell. 




Click to Purchase 24K Pure Gold Mask 


6. Wireless Charging Hub


Everyone constantly needs their phone charged. When my phone battery gets to under 20%, I legit start panicking. This wireless charging hub is probably the most useful gift you can give.  



7. Foot Peel Mask


Okay, I know this is kind of gross but just hear me out. We are super busy, okay? Most of us also don’t get pedicures nearly as often as we should.


These Foot Peel Exfoliating Masks are the love child of pimple popping videos combined with pressure washers cleaning sidewalks videos. It’s a mess and you absolutely cannot stop yourself from looking.  


Once she uses this foot peel mask and feels the immense satisfaction of watching her skin shedding like a boiled potato, she will never look at things the same way.



8. Letters 


We love a good letter. Tell us how and why we are so awesome. Trust me, we need to hear it more than you think. I love the “Letters to You” Series.


They are thoughtful, inexpensive and sentimental. Whether it’s for your significant other, your mom, your daughter or just a friend, you cannot go wrong with this gift. This one hits a home run every single time. 



9. Journal


Journals are one of the best stocking stuffers to start off the New Year. Whether it’s for writing down New Year’s resolutions, jotting down tasks, keeping track of schedules or simply expressing gratitude, journals are helpful and practical.


If you’re not sure what the journal will be used for, this Five Minute Journal is the perfect journal for beginners. You’re basically giving them the gift of happiness. Go you! 



10. Favorite candle


Everybody loves a good candle. This one by Illume is literally one of the best scents on the planet. This is the only candle worth burning during the winter. It literally smells like cozy winter memories. The best. 


Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teens and Tweens


1. Selfie Light


 This selfie light is great for keeping in backpacks and perfect for capturing the perfect pic for the ‘gram when lighting is an issue. 



2. Earbud case


Teens are obsessed with Airpods so they probably got a pair for their birthday. Why not get them an Airpod case to protect their expensive headphones? These Airpod cases are perfect for doing just that. 



3. Sketchbook


When I was a teen, my favorite pastime was zoning out during class and doodling on the corners of my page. Some things never change. I’m pretty sure teens still zone out and doodle during class. Encourage their creativity (after school) with this Moleskin Sketchbook that will help turn those mindless doodles into beautiful art. 


4. Phone Ring Holder / Popsocket 


If there’s one thing I know for sure, like adults, teens really like their cellphones. Get them a Phone Ring Holder or a Popsocket so they don’t drop and shatter their expensive phone while watching in horror and ugly-crying (not that this has ever happened to me). 



5. Movie Tickets


Who doesn’t love a good movie? Treat the teens in your life to a movie with the works. Popcorn, soda and a bag of chocolate! 



6. Facial Spray 


Teens are obsessed with this Mario Badescu Facial Spray. I think it went viral on Instagram. They love this stuff and douse themselves in it constantly. I have this spray and quite refreshing but the youth especially like this spray and use it religiously. Also, this spray is perfect for freshening up between classes! 



7. Coloring Book for Mindfulness 


I want one of these Enchanted Forest coloring books so badly! The graphics are gorgeous and you could get lost for hours while letting your imagination flow into these pages.


I think this is a perfect gift to help ease anxiety, stress, focus or boredom and it makes a great stocking stuffer for teens. 



8. Sheet Masks


The teenage years are the perfect time to develop a skincare routine. Proper skin maintenance is everything and the earlier we start, the better.


These Dermal Korea Collage Essence Face Masks are the perfect introduction into the magical world of Korean skincare (they do it best) for under $10. 



9. Bath Bombs


Being a teen is tough. Bath bombs help. Give the teenager in your life the gift of having a spa experience right in their own home. These bath bombs smell divine and work surprisingly well. 



10. Bluetooth speaker


You might not understand the music your teen listens to, but you can definitely help them have the best musical experience with these Bluetooth speakers that sound crisp and look sleek



Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies


1. Bath Toys


Babies are happy with any shiny new trinket. Even more so, if they get to play with in in the bath. This little bath toy fishing set is adorable


2. Board Books


I believe a copy of Goodni Goodnigoon is actually handed to the parents of newborn babies as they exit the hospital.


This chunky board book full of farm animals is a suitable choice for babies which doesn’t involve gifting them another copy of Goodnight Moon. 


3. Booties


Babies can never have too many booties. Their feet get so cold! The Luvable Friends Fleece Booties are literally the best booties for their tiny feet. 



4. Bandana Bibs


Bandana bibs are crucial for babies. These bandana bibs will keep baby looking stylish while catching all that drool from constant teething! Fun! 



5. Lovey


Protip: Get a stuffy that is easily replaceable, like this Jellycat Stuffy and stock up on a few for when one of them gets inevitably lost. Nobody wants to deal with a lost lovey. 



6. Pacifier


Babies go through pacifiers faster than adults go through bottles of wine. They get lost constantly but Wubbanubs help a lot. These little pacifiers are brilliant because they are easy to find and harder to lose. Genius. 



7. Sippy Cup


I tell new parents about these Munchkin Miracle Cups all the time. They are so cool! Beyonce uses them. Enough said. 



8. Teethers


Babies love putting stuff in their mouths. These Nuby Ice Gel Teethers are soothing and fun to play with. 



9. Fork and Spoon Set


For the baby who is just learning how to eat, this adorable Baby Utensil Set is perfect for the introduction to solids. 



10. Stroller Toys


Babies absolutely love toys that are super distracting and super shiny. Freddie the Firefly is perfect for distracting babies while haphazardly downing a coffee. 



If you’re looking for more useful and thoughtful things to put in your baby’s stocking (that won’t end up in the junk drawer), check out my post on Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas!


Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers and Kids 



1. Water Bottle


Toddlers will feel like big-kids with these adorable Contigo Spill-Proof Kids Tritan Straw Tumbler. They are so cute and I actually want one for myself.



2. Play-Doh


A classic. Every kid loves Play-Doh. This ten pack of Play-Doh will help with keeping the kids busy long enough for their parents can quickly scarf down a meal. 



3. Toy Cars


My son is obsessed with toy cars. He can’t get enough. This Hot Wheel Gift Pack is on every toddler’s wish list. Like Legos, kids love to leave toy cars around exactly where an adult will step on it and feel intense pain. Lovely. 



4. Character band-aid


It’s a scientific fact that cute band-aids make boo-boos less painful. These Paw Patrol Band-Aids are just what the doctor orders. 



5. Paint Set


Two words. Washable Paint. You’re welcome. 



6. Coloring Pads


These Melissa & Doug Water Wow Coloring Books are a game-changer. They make the perfect stocking stuffer for toddlers and kids without stressing out parents!



7. Magnetic Blocks


Kids absolutely love these blocks. You won’t regret getting this for any kid. This is a good gift for a relative that don’t see the children in their lives as much as they wish they could. They will spend hours playing with these 3D Magnetic Blocks



8. Sticker Set


I’m a whole adult and I still love stickers. This sticker set comes with over 500 puffy stickers. So awesome. 



9. Bath Drops


This is the kid version of bath bombs. For whatever reason, kids are fascinated with watching their bath water change colors. This 300 piece jar container of bath drops should hold over until next Christmas



10. Bath crayons


If you haven’t realized by now, young kids need a lot of encouragement to get in and stay in the bath. Whatever makes bathtime easier is a huge win for parents. Enter Bathtub Crayons. The perfect solution to letting kids be creative while also being mess-free. Perfect. 


Final Thoughts on Stocking Stuffers for The Family


No matter what stocking stuffers you get for your family, the magic of the season will definitely show because of your thoughtfulness!


The fact that you’re even for awesome stocking stuffers is so sweet of you!


I’m so excited for you to celebrate Christmas and to create new memories with your family!


I would love to know what stocking stuffers you love to give.


Do you have any go-to stocking stuffers that you give every year or to certain members of your family?


Make sure to comment below as I love to hear about how YOU spend the holidays and what special things you do to make your holiday season magical.  




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