Berry Good For You: The Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Cranberries


This year has been a trying year for, well, just about everyone, and I think that a lot of us are going into the new year with realistic resolutions.


Some of us might have simple resolutions like changing our pajama bottoms into slightly nicer pajama bottoms before attending a zoom meeting.


Others might have more ambitious resolutions such as exercising while juggling kids at home, cooking, cleaning, and, of course, attending more zoom meetings.


I have started working on my resolutions a bit early this year. Like many of you, 2020 did a number on my physical and mental health. Lately, I am focused on taking care of my body from the inside out.


I have been vocal about my battle with endometriosis and how much it has impacted my life. Until recently, I felt helpless but decided that I didn’t want to continue feeling like a prisoner in my own body, so I decided to make some lifestyle changes.


I no longer want to be an active participant in things that aren’t working for me. I figured, if the small changes I make can have even a marginal impact on my health, then it’s worth making.


I have been making smoothies daily, eating plenty of greens, staying hydrated, and exercising most days of the week (much to my body’s dismay), and so far, so good.


It is a lot of work to ensure that you fuel your body with the right foods, but it is well worth it.


For once, I am not eating my son’s leftover scraps or skipping meals because I’m too busy being a mom or a chef or a tutor and everything else under the sun.


It hasn’t been easy trying to put my health first proactively, but this year has taught me that I must put on my mask (literally and figuratively) before helping others.


During my great-health-awakening, I learned about the power of cranberries. I used to love cranberries during my college years and would snack on them daily.


I have recently started incorporating them into my diet after being reminded of the powerful benefits packed into these tiny berries.


If you’re looking to set some impactful but realistic resolutions for the next year, might I suggest making small dietary changes that pack a big punch, such as eating half a cup of cranberries every day?


Hear me out. Cranberries are SO good for you while also being tasty, so win-win!


Check out this short video which explains some of the health benefits of cranberries:


What Are the Health Benefits of Cranberries


Just eating half a cup of cranberries a day can:


  • Prevent urinary tract infections
  • Prevent chronic inflammation 
  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Boost your immune system
  • Promote heart health
  • Support digestive health
  • Help strengthen the gut and protect against infection


Cranberries are also rich in essential vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, Vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium while also being a good fiber source. No wonder it’s a superfood!


They might be small, but they are mighty. Please don’t underestimate the cranberry when it comes to providing your body with essential nutrients.



So now that I’ve told you about how good cranberries are for your health, here are a few simple ways to incorporate them into your diet.


  • Freeze them and blend them into a smoothie
  • Pulse into a thin puree for vinaigrettes 
  • Cook them down into a silky sauce 
  • Add fresh into your favorite baked goods
  • Chop up dried cranberries and mix them into your morning oats or cereal
  • Eat a few handfuls of dried cranberries or toss them into trail mix or salad


Regardless of how you choose to eat them, there is no doubt that cranberries are very beneficial for your health.


My favorite way to enjoy cranberries is in smoothie form.


The tart, sweet flavor is so satisfying and pairs exceptionally well with other fruits, especially oranges.


Check out my go-to cranberry smoothie recipe below. 


Banana Berry Smoothie


  • Half a banana
  • ¼ cup of strawberries
  • 1/4 cup of cranberries 
  • One peeled orange
  • ½ cup of almond milk
  • 1tbs of chia seeds


Blend until smooth, and enjoy!


Since Christmas is right around the corner, you’re probably going to enjoy some delicious cranberry sauce, so why not continue to enjoy it throughout the year?


Whether fresh or frozen, cranberries should be enjoyed every season! 


So now that you know the benefits of eating cranberries, will you be incorporating more cranberries into your diet in the new year or making any other dietary changes?


I would love to try some trusted new recipes with cranberries, so please share your favorite ways to ear cranberries in the comments below!

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